Your FS Crop Specialist at Lucknow District Co-operative Inc. leads a team of agronomic experts with a thorough understanding of your management practices and production goals. Using the latest crop production technologies to make site-specific recommendations for your individual fields, they'll provide the kind of information you need to make the right agronomic decisions.

Lucknow District Co-operative offers the following products and services:

  • Crop protection chemicals & fertilizer
  • Corn, soybeans, small grains, forage and turfgrass seeds
  • Custom Application services
  • Crop scouting
  • Grid soil sampling & perimeter mapping
  • Agronomic recommendations

Crop Protection
Lucknow District Co-operative offers you a crop-scouting program for weed identification, crop diagnostics, and trouble shooting. We make sound and economic recommendations to make your operation more profitable.

Chemical programs are upgraded in keeping with technological advances. Our crops services team members receive ongoing training, ensuring they bring you the latest news and information.


We use dependable and up-to-date equipment to assure on-time and accurate herbicide application.
Our operators are well trained, and committed to serving you.



Precision Farming

Lucknow District Co-operative is a recognized leader in Ontario for Global Positioning Systems technology which helps farmers produce crops more efficiently and profitably. We have an in-house integrated system of crop consultation, grid soil testing, field mapping services, and custom recommendations of fertilizer and herbicide applications.

We offer:
  • The commitment of a very well trained staff
  • GPS for:
    • field maps
    • grid mapping
    • soil testing
  • Computer software to:
    • download field information
    • download yield data from combines
    • create easy-to-read maps for you

Custom Application

Precise application of crop protection products is a highly technical, heavily regulated venture. At Lucknow District Co-op we’ve made the investment in custom application to serve our customers with the integration of highly informed recommendations and custom application professionals. Our Agronomy team will work with you to find the best plan for your farming operation.


Seed Partnerships
Better profits start with better seeds. That's why Lucknow Co-op works in partnership with such industry leaders as DeKalb, Pride, WL Alfalfas, Advantage Seeds and C&M seeds. So, whether it's Roundup Ready, STS, or traditional soybean varieties; Bt, IMI, high oil, white or waxy corn hybrids, or Leafhopper-resistant alfalfa varieties, you'll find exactly what you're looking for at Lucknow Co-op. CCA agronomist on staff. 
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