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What is a Co-operative?
A co-operative is a business owned by its member-users. It is created to provide services and products members need. A co-operative is a democratic organization—each member has a single vote, regardless of his/her investment in the co-operative, or his/her purchases from the co-operative.

Members elect a board of directors from among themselves to govern the co-operative. The board sets policies and hires a general manager to run the day-to-day activities of the co-operative. The board meets regularly to review operations and management reports.

Co-operatives uphold certain other principles, including concern for community, educating the public and youth about co-operative values, voluntary and open membership, and autonomy.

Become a member of Lucknow District Co-operative Inc.

When you become a member of Lucknow District Co-operative Inc., you have a say in a business you own. You are able to vote on motions at the annual general meeting, and special general meetings called by the president. You elect a board of directors to give your co-operative direction. Additionally, you are entitled to receive patronage dividends (rebates on purchases you have made with the co-operative) as they are declared by the board of directors.

Members receive an annual report to keep them informed of the operational progress and financial performance of the co-operative.

A lifetime membership in Lucknow District Co-operative Inc. is $1.00 (non-refundable)

Optional Class A Preference shares are available at $10.00 per share.  Dividends are payable on the Class A Shares at the rate of 4% per annum based on a decision of the board of Directors at year end.

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